Preventative Measures for a Healthier Heart

We are not created equal. From our external physical attributes to our internal organs, differences are pretty obvious. While others are endowed with natural strength, others are born with weak hearts. The heart is said to be the powerhouse of our body, but with an unhealthy heart, how can that be?

Individuals with congenital heart diseases may have to live a different life as we do. There are also genetic risk factors that lead to heart disease. With these conditions, individuals who are predisposed to heart problems must have to live closely with doctors’ advice and attention. At Optimal Heart Center, the best heart programs can be tailor-made for individuals with heart problems.

While most of us were lucky enough to be born with a healthy heart, we do not seem to be warned with the growing incidents of death due to heart diseases. In fact, death due to heart problems remains the number one killer disease in the US for many years.

To have a healthy heart means you can enjoy life more, achieve more, and share more. Here are some proven methods to keep our heart in its best condition.

Proper Dieting

Eating the right food and avoiding the harmful ones can be the foundation of a healthy heart. Foods like dark leafy vegetables, oats, nuts, and fish are examples of heart-friendly foods, while salty foods are said to be the culprits of cardiac disorders.


Maintain the Right Weight

Proper dieting can result in weight loss, but it can be more appropriate if you combine it with physical activity. It does not mean though that you have to be in the gym most of your time. Try walking briskly while going home from work. That can be enough exercise for you.

Have Enough Sleep

It is evident that those with sleep apnea develop heart problems after some time. This should keep us aware of the importance of sleep. It is not new to us that when we lack sleep, we feel weak. That may also apply to the heart.

medical checkupChange Your Lifestyle

Do you smoke and drink? Accordingly, cigarette smoking accounts for one-fifth of the total death from heart disease in the US, while alcohol is known for weakening the heart muscle and increasing fat in the bloodstream. The ill-effects of smoking does not only mean that you are a smoker. You can get it from secondhand smoke, which happens when you inhale cigarette smoke from another person.

Have a Regular Medical Checkup

While we may be doing all preventive measures, we still need to have a regular medical checkup. This will assure us that everything we are doing for the heart is just right.…

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