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What You Need to Know About Charcoal

The discussion about charcoal as one of the most effective teeth whitening kits has been the most popular topic in the dental health sector that everyone seems to be enchanted with. Of course, who would reject a chance to get sparkling white and diamond-like teeth to give the world the best smile that one has? As one plus point, such conditions will instantly boost one’s confidence to get the attention that many people claim they deserve.

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Since its first use to treat patients with poisoning symptoms, the use of charcoal has gained even more popularity after a claim stating that it is an excellent material to whiten teeth has gone viral. Now, many dentists will recommend using the product along with another dental teratments. Many home dental treatment products have been manufactured for the past years, proving that those manufacturers target the right market. If you happen to be one of those people with a high interest in the products, below are several facts that you need to know.

Activated Charcoal

blue toothbrush with toothpasteWhat pops into your mind when the word charcoal is mentioned? For the average people, they will probably think about the one used in many barbecue party to roast the fish. It is indeed a misleading thought. Although both kinds contain the same type of carbon, the one used in teeth whitening kits is the activated one. It is an activated black material finely processed from coconut shell or bone char. What makes it different from the inactivated one is that the activated one is processed with high heat, something that is claimed to activate several elements in it.

The high heat is also useful to eliminate any other harmful compounds from the chemical structure. Although it is initially used to treat patients with food or chemicals poisoning, the use of charcoal has gone to the next level when it is discovered to be a magical compound for teeth whitening. Since then, its powder form starts to be commercially produced, and many people have used the powder along with their regular toothpaste.

How it Works

You are probably wondering why the seemingly dirty material is actually helpful to whiten one’s teeth. Then, the idiom not to judge the book by its cover might work for you. The primary system of the powder works wonder on stained surfaces, especially your enamel with years of being exposed to many toxic things. Coffee, wine, chocolate, and cigarette are some examples. The powder’s naturally porous texture is the primary feature when it comes to trapping the toxic along with the yellowish stain. Then, whitening your teeth is not an impossible thing with the product in hands.…

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