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Home Remedies for Knee Pain

You may experience knee pain from time to time, which may be due to injuries, like a fall or being hit by something like a chair. It may also be due to some underlying medical conditions. Irrespective of its cause, knee pain can disrupt your day to day activities since you cannot move easily. Fortunately, you can reduce knee pain using a knee sleeve, which is a specially designed piece of garment for preventing further knee damage and protecting the knee from the risk of future injury.

So, what are some of the home remedies that you can use to reduce knee pain?

Massage Using Essential Oils

massage essential oilYou can get alleviate symptoms of knee and joint pain by massaging. What’s more, massage can be more effective with relieving knee pain if you use essential oil. Some of the best essential oils for better results in reducing knee pain include orange and ginger essential oils. These oils work wonders by releasing stiffness and alleviating pain in the affected part.

Heat and Cold Therapy

You can use a heating pad to alleviate your knee pain as you rest. On the other hand, cold treatment can assist in reducing inflammation. A sports injury should also be treated with cold therapy, but chronic pain such as the pain from arthritis, need heat therapy.

It is best to alternate between cold and heat. When administering heat therapy, you apply heat for up to 20minutes using a heat pad, which you should ensure is not too hot. On the other hand, you apply cold therapy during the first two days after an injury. The cold treatment is done using a cold pad for 20 minutes between 4 and 8 times a day.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar has some alkalinizing effect that softens mineral build-up and the toxic substances in the knee joint. Besides, it comes in handy in the restoration of joint lubricants to lessen pain and make mobility better. It has proven a useful remedy for relieving knee joint pain.

When it comes to the mode of using the vinegar, you can mix it with water and consume it daily before retiring to bed. Besides, you can add some apple cider vinegar in your bathtub water and soak your knee in it for 20 -25 minutes. You could also blend it with coconut oil and apply it on the painful knee area.…

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